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The black dragonflight is sure to blacken even more for tonight they have suffered a blow...

Ap0s, Jun 26, 11 8:55 PM.
...and they will suffer a second one,for we will not stop until they are taken care of for good.Tonight our raiding party managed to eradicate 3 of their most valuable assets. First of all we killed Magmaw...and they seemed so eager to tame it...but it was for the greater good and it couldn't be helped.

Later on we found out that their nice and neat cave have no door bell,no lock,but 4 little golems that weren't really up to negotiating our further entrance. We had to clear things out the good old way,by force. They will be pissed for sure when they find that one out...

Then we met quite a creepy being...not a dragon,surely not human...but so eager to conduct experiments and apparently also use them against us. After taking care of him,the so called Maloriak,or so we heard,and all of his minions and creatures,we delved deeper into their hide out.

There we met a dragon,huge and intimidating, but it didnt seem to be able to actually bother with us...not as long as we stood away from him,but he seemed to know every single step we took...

Having tried in vain to him over, we noticed that it was time we get back home and feed all those horde don't want to be late for feeding a tauren us...

A big congratulations to everyone who was there. Our raid group is still fresh,but it kicks hard and it plans on doing so even harder in the future...of course after we enjoy the sandy beaches of summer.

Have a great Summer everyone and enjoy your vacations!

The djins and the council are down...and along with all those elementals comes the wind of change...

Ap0s, Jun 23, 11 7:56 PM.
Tonight was another unlucky night for our raiding party,since we had 3 of our members getting their power cut,resulting in a delay of our plans. Nevertheless,the wait only made us anticipate what was to come next more and it wasn't long before the Ascendant Council joined the world of the deceased.

But that was not all for us,since up next we found out a fat guy with many eyes staring at us. We were insulted at first and went on to show him what we're made off,but our efforts seemed kind of weak,for now, we will be back for you Cho'gall!

Thus we decided to take a stroll with our flying mounts in Uldum and we stumbled upon a fortress surrounded and protected by clouds,we decided to go in and check,but we didn't knock and the 3 housekeepers didn't seem to be really pleased with us,thus we had to rely on self-defense.

Soon they met the same end the council did and added up one more,well actually 3,heads stuffed above our fireplace.

And then a fair breeze blew and showed us the road to our newest site,a change is never bad...
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